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    Invited Speakers

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Martin Rudolph
    Leibnitz Institute of Surface Engineering(IOM) Germany
    Optimization of High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Discharge
    Rajdeep Singh Rawart
    Nanyang Technological University Singapore
    Low Temperature Carbon Plasma based Universal Strategy for Energy Materials Processing and Synthesis
    Kerstin Thowarth EMPA Swiss
    Metallization of Polymers using HiPIMS
    Abdou Djouadi
    Nantes University France
    From Hard Coatings to Optimized Cutting Tools
    Andrey Shukurov Charles University Czech Republic
    Sputter-derived Tantalum Oxynitride nanoparticles for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
    Michael Keider George Washington University USA
    Plasma based Cancer Treatment
    Sandra Carbvalho Coimbra University Portugal
    Plasma Surface Engineering ; A Tool for Health Application
    Miran Mozetic Josef Stefan-Institute Ljubliana Slovenia
    Plasma Technology for Vascular Stents of Optimal Bicompatibility
    Jin Won Hyun College of Medicine, Jeju National University Korea
    Plasma and Epigenetic
    Michael Thomas Fraunhofer Institute of Surface Engineering Germany
    Development and integration of microplasma sources in additive manufacturing processes – Application and Perspectives
    Mukesh Ranjan Institute for Plasma Research India
    Low energy ion produced Nanostructuring for surface wettability and sensing applications in healthcare
    Bruce Koel Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton University USA
    Ammonia Synthesis and Decomposition in Plasma-assisted Catalysis
    Tetsuya Haruyama Division of Functional Interface Engineering
    Department of Biological Functions and
    Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology (KYUTECH)
    Non-catalyzed Synthesis of Ammonia from Atmospheric Air and Water through Plasma/Water Interfacial Reaction
    Lea Winter Department of Chemical Engineering,
    Columbia University, New York, NY 10027, USA
    Sustainable Ammonia Synthesis using Plasma Catalysis Toward Decarbonization
    Gottlieb S Oehrlein University of Maryland USA
    Studies of Surface Processes for Plasma-Enhanced Catalysis
    Emiel Hensen Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology Netherland
    Mechanistic Insights into Plasma-assisted CCO2 Hydrogenation
    Hyun-ha Kim National Institute of Advanced Industrial
    Science and Technology
    Plasma Catalysis for CO2 Hydrogenation
    Young Sun Mok Jeju National University Korea
    hroughput ethylene removal in a monolith supported catalytic reactor combined with plasma
    Cheorun Jo Seoul National University Korea
    Synergistic effect of blue light and plasma activated water against Staphylococcus aureus
    Gyungsoon Park Kwangwoon University Korea
    Enhancement of fungal enzyme secretion by plasma
    Dong-Hyun Kang Seoul National University Korea
    Applications of Cold Plasma Technology for Improving Microbiological Safety in Food Manufacturing Process
    Seunghun Lee Korea Institute of Materials Science Korea
    Research of low temperature plasma for the control of infectious airborne pathogens
    Seungmin Ryu KFE Korea
    The Quality Characteristics of Stored Onions Using Plasma Technology
    Sanghoo Park KFE Korea
    Nonheating ozone suppression in air discharges
    Young Koung Lee KFE Korea
    Plasma-activated water regulates plant root development OK O O 9 Invited Sang-Hye Ji Republic of Korea KFE sanghye@kfe.re.kr Activation of endophytic bacteria useful for plants by
    Yushi Ishibashi Kyushu University Japan
    Keisuke Takashima Tohoku University Japan
    Air and water discharge plasma for reactive spec
    Masafumi Ito Meijo University Japan
    Plasma enhanced biorefinery using atmospheric pressure plasmas
    Katsuyuki TAKAHASHI Iwate University Japan
    Use of high voltage and plasma for agriculture, forest
    Choncharoen Sawangrat Chiang Mai University Thailand
    Sa-nguansak Thanapornpoonpong Chiang Mai University Thailand
    Plasma Treatment Enables on Expedient Germination for Chili Seeds: Insights into Seed Coat
    Mudtorlep Nisoa Walailak University Thailand
    Characteristics of sub-atmospheric plasma-activated water system for germination of oil palm seed
    Artit Chingsungnoen Mahasarakham University Thailand
    Development of multihole atmospheric plasma jet for growth rate enhancement
    P. J. Cullen University of Sydney Australia
    Plasmacatalytic bubbles for green chemistry
    Gregory Fridman AAPlasma, LLC USA
    Pre-Commercial Feasibility Evaluation of Non-Equilibrium Pulsed Discharge for Sanitation of Whole and Cut Fresh
    Kil Byung Chai KAERI Korea
    Development of KAERI plasma beam irradiation facility using AF-MPD thruster for studying plasma-surface interactions
    Se Youn Moon Jeonbuk Nat'l U Korea
    Spectroscopic characterization of RF inductively coupled thermal plasma for the mass production of boron nitride nanotube
    Hae Hune Lee Pusan University Korea
    The effect of nonlocal electron kinetics on plasma non-uniformity in a capacitively coupled plasma
    Rodolphe Mauchauffe Jeonbuk Nat'l U Korea
    Synthesis of functional thin films by atmospheric pressure plasma polymerization of renewable precursors
    Daehoon Lee KIMM Korea
    Plasma opens new era of electrification of chemical process
    Jianjun Shi Donghua University China
    Atmospheric cascade plasma plume and applications on superhydrophobic fabrics
    Yuan-Hong Song Dalian Inst. of Tech. China
    Realistic plasma-surface interactions in geometrically asymmetric capacitive RF plasmas
    Satoshi Hamaguchi Osaka U Japan
    Surface reaction mechanisms of plasma-assisted atomic layer etching (PA-ALE) for Si-based materials
    Uros Cvelbar Josef Stefan-Institute Slovenia
    Unevealing the organic compounds degradations by plasma generated RONS species
    Peter Bruggeman U Minnesota USA
    Molecular beam mass spectrometry as a tool to gain a quantitative understanding of plasma-surface interactions at atmospheric pressure
    José Montero Amenedo Angstrom Institute, Uppsala University Sweden
    Recent Progress in Inorganic Photochromism