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    Invited Speakers

    Name Affiliation Nationality Presentaion title
    Martin Rudolph
    Leibnitz Institute of Surface Engineering(IOM) Germany
    Optimization of High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Discharge
    Rajdeep Singh Rawart
    Nanyang Technological University Singapole
    Low Temperature Carbon Plasma based Universal Strategy for Energy Materials Processing and Synthesis
    Kerstin Thowarth EMPA Swiss
    Metallization of Polymers using HiPIMS
    Abdou Djouadi
    Nantes University France
    From Hard Coatings to Optimized Cutting Tools
    Andrey Shukurov Charles University Czech Republic
    Sputter-derived Tantalum Oxynitride nanoparticles for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
    Michael Keider George Washington University USA
    Plasma based Cancer Treatment
    Sandra Carbvalho Coimbra University Portugal
    Plasma Surface Engineering ; A Tool for Health Application
    Miran Mozetic Josef Stefan-Institute Ljubliana Slovenia
    Plasma Technology for Vascular Stents of Optimal Bicompatibility
    jin Win Hyun College of Medicine, Jeju National University Korea
    Plasma and Epigenetic