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    Topical Workshops

    Workshop 1Plasma Healthcare Workshop - Status and Future Perspective

    As well noted, plasma technology has been emerging as one of most powerful technology for application in a variety of healthcare industrial fields such as sterilization, antimicrobial and antiviral materials synthesis, biomedical treatment and food safety etc..

    Confronting global pandemic caused by fatal viruses including Covid-19 and increasing microbials issues harmful to health, the workshop is therefore jointly organized with UNOPS as a special forum for overview on the status of scientific and technological progress including future perspective of plasma technology to resolve those issues for sustainable development goal on global healthcare.

    The global experts are invited for discussion on scientific and industrial application of plasma technology and exploring future potential for healthcare in the workshop.

    keynote speakers

    Name Affiliation Nationality Topics
    David Duday Luxemburg Institute of Science and Technology Luxemburg
    Non-thermal plasma technology and nanomaterialsfor decontamination of water and surfaces
    UNOPS 1 (TBD) TDA -
    Strategy of Healthcare for SDGs in UN
    Hideyuki Kanematsu National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College Japan
    Infectivity of materials and their evaluation

    Invited speakers

    Name Affiliation Nationality Topics
    Sandra Carbvalho Coimbra University Portugal
    Plasma Surface Engeering; A tool for health Application
    Michael Keider George Washington University USA
    Plasma based Cancer Treatment
    Choncharoen Sawangrat Chiang Mai University Thailand
    The potential of cold plasma application in food safety for healthcare in Thailand
    Jin Won Hyun Jeju National University Korea
    Plasma and Epigenetic
    UNOPS 2 (TBD) - -
    UNOPS Healthcare Project 1
    UNOPS 3 (TBD) - -
    UNOPS Healthcare project 2
    Dae-seok Hwang Pusan National University Korea
    Effect of Non-thermal Plasma in Apoptosis of Human Neuroblastoma Cell Lines
    Behnam Akhavan Sydney University Austraila
    Ion-assisted plasma polymerization:Surface engineering of biomimetic interfaces
    Miran Mozetic Josef Stefan- Institute University Slovenia
    Gaseous plasma treatment of NiTi surfaces for selective cell response
    Endre Szili Austraila University Austraila
    New approaches to amplify Plasma Wound Decontamination Processes
    Mukesh Ranjan Institute for Plasma Reserch India
    Low energy Ion produced Nanostructuring for Surface Wettability and Sensing Application in Healthcare