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    Joirnal Publication

    Guideline for publication of papers in AEPSE2019

    Manuscript(s) submission and reviewing procedure:

    1. Special Proceedings of Surface and Coatings Technology(SCT):

    • The papers submitted in the special proceedings will be published as a regular paper through peep review by the official referee processes according to the SCT publication policy.
    • The manuscript should be directly submitted in the web site of elsevior as the same process for SCT publication.
    • The web site for submission of manuscript for the special proceedings of AEPSE2019 will be opened from
      Sept. 10 to Oct. 15, 2019.
    • The name of site for manuscript submission is “ AEPSE2019 “

    2. Publication in other journals

    1) The papers in a field of nano and bio technology are published in the following journals;

    • J. of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology(SCI), JNN, American Scientific Publishers)
    • Science of Advanced Materials(SCIE), SAM, American Scientific Publishers)
    • J. of Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering(SCIE), JBTE, American Scientific Publishers)

    2) The deadline of manuscripts submission will be October 15, 2019.

    3) The manuscript submission should be sent to the secretariat office at aepse2019@gmail.com.
    ... On the cover sheet of the manuscripts must be written both program number and abstract number.

    4) The publication of papers in the above 3 journals are charged to US$ 650 for each paper.

    5) The guideline of paper publication of the above 3 journals are as followings;

    • Journal selection will be made by the publication committee of AEPSE2019 after pre-reviewing, and the primary selected papers will be notified to the corresponding authors for the journal among JNN, SAM and JBTE to be published by peer review according to the review policy of each journal.
    • The author(s) who is informed to the recommended journal should re-submit the manuscript(s) to the corresponding journal ; special volume publication site of JNN, SAM or JBTB through the on-line manuscript submission site of each journal.

      If you need any further question or inquiries, please contact the secretariat office at aepse2019@gmail.com